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About Roid Rage

Roid Rage are a part pve - part pvp guild. We take pride in being friendly, and not using force to make our members do as we want.

At the moment we are raiding ICC 10 man, but have plans to expand to 25 man as soon as we get enough raiding members.

We are allways looking for skilled and experienced members for both our pve team and our pvp team.

If you want to know more about Roid Rage, feel free to contact any of the following officers ingame:

Agemanom - Guild Master and responsible of the pvp part of guild

Eloween - Second in command and responsible of the pve part of guild

Cezgeth - Officer of pve (Eloween's right hand officer) and responsible of guild web/forum

Tejina - Officer of pve

Krystavos - Officer of pve

Animefreak - Officer of pvp


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